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Company policy

In the new economic conditions and market competition, the prospering and further strengthening of the company "Holleman Bulgaria"OOD are extremely dependent on the high professionalism and continuous improvement and enhancing the quality and safety of our work.
In order to promote the company's image and increase the motivation of the employees, the senior management has introduced and maintains a management system (MS) focused on the quality management and the management of health and safety at work, corresponding to ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007.
The senior management of "Holleman Bulgaria" OOD is committed to the following main goals:

  • Understanding and meeting our customers' requirements by maintaining a continuous dialogue with them;
  • Provision of appropriate quality services to achieve complete customer satisfaction;
  • Maintaining and enhancing employee skills (provision of sufficient information, instructions, training and supervision) to achieve a high degree of awareness of their impact on the quality and safety during work;
  • Promoting and developing a culture of safe behavior by following and implementing this policy and achieving employee commitment to the company goals;
  • Honest partnership with suppliers;
  • Increase of the market share;
  • Achieving continuous improvement by ensuring timeliness, adequacy and enhancing the efficiency of the MS and the organization of the company's activities;
  • Compliance with the applicable operating regulations and other requirements;
  • Active and committed management, providing and maintaining safe and without health risks jobs with adequate facilities and conditions for effective employment;
  • Management of the activities of the Company and implementation of work mechanisms, preserving the health and safety of our employees and other persons who may be affected by our activities or services;
  • Ensuring reliable communication in all aspects of health, working conditions and safety between the management, employees and other stakeholders;
  • Securing and control of the implementation of the commitments under OHS;
  • Registration and investigation of any incident, accident and disease, as well as identifying and take actions to reduce risks in the workplace;
  • Identifying risks to health and safety in the purchase and / or use of goods, facilities and services.

The Company's management is responsible for formulating, communicating and explaining the company policy and taking all necessary measures to achieve the company's goals.