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Founded in 2006 as part of the Holleman Group - a multinational company with offices in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia and Germany, Holleman Bulgaria Ltd. is known as a leading company in the field of oversized transport in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

Our mission is to be the preferred service provider in the industry, as we rely on the professionalism of our team and our modern equipment, the result of one of the largest investments in the industry. The company works only with the leaders in the field of specialized equipment production, who have proven their reliability over the years.




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Holleman's software operating system, created specifically for the management of processes in the company, gives a competitive advantage in the market and benefits for our customers - continuous information to the customer, which he needs to plan the processing of the goods, as well as better management of requests and shortening of deadlines of response to receiving contracts through the use of equipment from the entire group of companies.

Speed, flexibility and efficiency are the challenges that companies face in their daily work and competitive struggle. As a leading transporter and logistics partner of a number of major manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery, as well as production equipment and wind generators, the team of Holleman Bulgaria Ltd. aims to find the best solution to every requirement by means of knowledge, experience and available equipment. the customer.

Liability - we do not transport anything without having the appropriate insurance to cover the possible risks. Whether the transport is national or international, road or river, whether we are transshipping in a port or moving equipment in a factory, our liability is insured.