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Holleman is known as being one of the leading companies in the industry of heavy transportation on Bulgarian and East European market.
Established in 2006 as part of Holleman group - a multinational company with operations in Romania, Moldavia Republic, Serbia, Hungary and Ukraine, Holleman Bulgaria is distinguished by our quality services, by seriousness and fulfillment of promises towards the clients from everywhere.
Our mission is to be a preferred supplier in transportations, since we believe in professionalism of our team and our modern equipment, result of one of the greatest investments in the field (over 9 million Euro). The company is working only with the leading producers of specialized equipment which have proved their reliability through the years.

The operation of a software program specially conceived for internal business processes also insures us a competitive advantage on market, and our clients major benefits: communication flow without blockages, a good management of orders, reduction of terms in the actions involved, etc. We know permanently where the vehicle of our shipping is and how many kilometers it has to cross up to the objective, each truck being endowed with a system of supervision by satellite. The system allows us better management of the orders and quicker reaction after receiving the orders, using the complete group’s trucks.

Labor protection
Each stage which we perform is first analyzed from this point of view. Our staff is trained in a professional manner, so their health, the goods of clients and their own equipment do not take any risk, not even for a second.

We do not move anything without having an insurance to cover the risks. No matter whether the transportation is internal or external, whether we perform an interchange in a port or we move or mount an equipment in a factory, our liability is insured.

Our values
When we undertook the role of being a supplier close to the needs of the client, we also undertook a range of values which may help us to reach this objective. The word uttered is for us law, the positive attitude towards the clients’ requirements as well, and the services which we provide are first of all safe, prompt and of quality.