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River navigation is the perfect solution for combined transportation of oversize goods which cannot be transported exclusively via land transport due to their dimensions or weight; this is also a significantly cheaper alternative for a number of direct automobile transports. Holleman Bulgaria Ltd is the leader for transportation of oversize cargo along the River Danube. Having started with single deliveries in October 2006, the company currently offers regular departures from German and Austrian Danube ports with the total annual number exceeding 50. Thus we guarantee our customers timely delivery as well as lower freight costs. A number of dealers of agricultural, construction and other types of oversize equipment take advantage of our offer entrusting Holleman Bulgaria Ltd with their logistics from Western to Eastern Europe. We offer transportation of full ship batches as well as part cargo.

Regensburg, Deggendorf, Passau, Ruse, Giurgiu and Constanța are the most often visited ports, but every Danube port can be covered if necessary, as well as Maine and Rhine ones. Transportation to Belgian and Dutch marine ports is either via direct transport, or through reloading at suitable in-line points along the route. Multi-modal Ro-Ro solutions are also available.